I have a heart that beats inside of me. It beats so strong, it beats in rhythm with the universe. My heart makes me curious and wonder and question everything in the cosmos. I want to touch the milky way, fire a gun at a dead star, wish upon an age-old coin, and throw myself into the endless ocean. I want to live, live, live, chasing happiness down an open-road. I want to ride a Mustang, with the wind in my hair and the words of my mind scribbled somewhere on his body. And oh, his body. I want his body in a rusty motel, on top of mine, making me sweat till the sun says good morning. I want soft kisses with his firm lips, the taste of wine on his tongue, still. I want pizza slices at four in the morning, and whispers of dreams in the darkness. I want an adventure, one that makes my blood run hot, exhilarated with fear and wildness. I want to taste different cultures, speak a foreign language, and live in an unknown city. I want to meet strangers who will inspire me but I won’t remember ever again. I want to be brave and I want to be seen. I want his arms around me every night. And I want to feel the world set my soul free. 


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