Him and Her

She needed him as the parched man needed water in the desert. She loved him as the waves loved the shore, infinitely consistent. She followed him as the moon followed the sun, caught in an endless chase.  

He had a magnificent soul, with a heart made of pure gold. A glorious man with a mind so stunning, like an undiscovered city waiting to be found. He loved her passionately and endlessly as a pirate’s search for gold. 

But she was not easy to love, she’d take him into battle more often than not. And he’d succumb to her demands, for he will fight his darling not. And the aftermath is always gory, she regretting, and him forgiving. But she can not take his love for granted. For he is only human, after all. 

But, my love, you are the treasure I’ve been looking for. You are my designed city, I have mapped your boundaries, routes, and roads. You are the river in the desert I have been lost on. I promise you, our battles will be saved for the world, not our love. 


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