Rebel Queen

She had red lips and a sharp wit like all fantasies. Her eyes were deep with a faraway dream of a wild life with no demands. She only had two cents and a cause to her name. She’d stop for the night, in an unnamed town with similar faces as the ones she’s seen all her life. She hustled the mighty with a smile on her face. Her mind was her secret weapon and she had allies in scattered places. She was a rebel with a cause. 

The women hated her for the confidence she oozed, what kind of girl doesn’t have a care in the world? And the men, they chased her just for a taste, but they never had a chance at all. But she’ll come to you in the night, begging you with whispers to take the weight for awhile. And in the morning, she’ll disappear, a rebel chasing down a dream. 

She never bothered to create ties, because the distance will rip into them one at a time. She was never one for small talk, either, easily bored from the mundane life. And she stops on the side of the road, just to feel the sunshine on her skin. She was giddy with freedom. The rebel with the world as her adventure. 


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