His Eyes

His eyes held the universes inside, they spoke of a thousand untold stories. Eyes as deep as honey, filled with mystery and wonder. They smiled, and laughed, and saddened, for his eyes had a language of their own. And when he tilts his head just right, the sunlight kisses his face, defining beauty to the world. He had eyes that blazed like wild fire, searing constellations across her soul. But he didn’t know the power he had; for he has eyes prettier than the universes combined. 

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata. It is a wonderful phrase. It is important to remind ourselves to never let the moments pass us by. If we are too worried about tomorrow, we will never remember today. Plan and dream and hope for the future. But do not fret and worry about it too much. What is meant to be will be. Whatever problem you may have, trust in the power stronger than you, that it will be okay. So for just this one second, say Hakuna Matata, and don’t let the world pass you by. 


Have you known peace, I ask. But they only stare at me in bewilderment. What peace do I speak of when war wages in the world, destroying everything in its wake, and people are restless in their merciless survival? But you see, peace is not a permenant state, peace is fleeting moments in between. 

Late at night, just before dawn, when the sweltering heat finally breaks, and I take a deep breath, my bones sinking into the soft bed underneath me, I have known peace. In the infinite silence of a sleeping city, just before yet another morning, I have known peace. Traveling on an endless road, with no rush or fear, I have known peace. And in his arms, I am at peace. I hope, one day, you find your peace, too. 


He was breathing softly in the crook of her neck, slowly drifting to the lull of sleep. She was wrapped in his strong arms with their legs intertwined beneath the covers. She felt safe in his arms, content to her heart’s relief; and he was comforted by the smell of her, calm in the knowledge that she was his. And in that infinite moment between awareness and dreams, where their souls were caught in limbo, he unconsciously laid a kiss on her cheek before he drifted off to sleep. 

You Can Never Tame Me

She had a roar, louder than a lion’s. She could make them cower in terror. But she was caged. They feared her so they tried to tame her. She was strong but she couldn’t escape their ropes of values and beliefs. 

She was afraid one day they’d succeed in taming her. She wants to be free. But she’ll never be free from them. They, who claim to love her the most, protect beyond all reason. But they only fight to control her, subdue her, to make her like them.

But she will taste freedom one day, she will not conform. She can not be hidden or controlled for she has a roar, louder than a lion’s. 


She was alone and cold. Sleeping curled up in her cold bed at night. She’d wake to the shadows of a cold morning and the wisps of broken dreams. She’d tremble as cold strangers passed her by, none of them wondering about the quiet girl with the lost dreams. See, she was strong, for she survived in the cold storms of life. She withstood the lightning and created the thunder. But she was cold and she feared she’d freeze.

Then one day, she met him. He was warm honey on a starved tongue. Soft and slow like sweet, sweet molasses; strong and safe like a wooden cabin in a snowstorm. He curls up behind her late at night, engulfing her in his strong warmth. She could feel a golden glow radiating outwards, from her heart to the deepest corner of her ruptured soul. He has made home in every inch of her, in the spaces of empty between her fragile bones, in the dark depths of her tortured mind, holding her together with their souls intertwined. Oh, how beautiful their love is now, with her and his golden light.


Life is a Choice

They say that life is not fair. I say it is. Life is a choice. You either choose to give up or you choose to fight, day after day after day. You fight for your dreams, your hopes, your passions. Fight for success. Fight to achieve greatness.

Choose to be great.

Because the people who say life is not fair are the people who decided to give up.